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We specialize in technology that powers modern RPA platforms:

Table-One (c), Powers table detection in unstructured (scanned) documents  [Try it!]

Table-One is our flagship product. It is the most advanced table detection system on the market. Table-One uses neural technology that mimicks the way the human visual system works. It is based on a Nobel Prize winning discovery in neuroscience and uses advanced models of the mammalian visual cortex to detect regularities that define tables. Table-One can detect various types of tables, including the trivial lined ones (Manhattan tables) and complex cases where the table is defined by the way information is organized in the document.

Kaligrafix (c), Finds signatures and handwriting in scanned documents

Kaligrafix is based on a technology that mimicks the way retinal ganglion cells process visual information. The product is able to detect handwriting and signatures in scanned documents with high precision. It can be flexibly trained on novel samples and learns on the fly. Contact us if you are interested in a solution for detecting signatures and handwriting in scanned documents.